Celebrate Recycling Poster Contest

The sixth annual poster contest, sponsored by RR Waste Solutions and the Council Bluffs Recycling Center, was another success! The 2017 theme was “Put Waste in Its Place!"

Third and fourth graders from nine schools participated in the contest, and art teachers chose the top two posters from each school to submit to the City Council members to judge and declare the top four winners.

  • The first place prize goes to Daniel Overall, a 3rd grader at College View Elementary School. His poster depicts green rolling hills with colorful cans for plastic, paper and tin. 
  • Second place is awarded to Ava Bussey, a 4th grader at Titan Hill Intermediate School. Her colorful picture shows a happy, sunny bottle being recycled while another bottle was sad to be thrown away.  
  • Kylie Sharp, also a 4th grader at Titan Hill Intermediate School took the third place prize. Her picture displays a rainbow background with cans and paper being thrown in a recycling bin.  
  • Fourth place is awarded to Camryn Hosick, a 4th grader at Edison Elementary, who portrays a recycle bins wanting to be filled up while two people are thrilled to be recycling.  
The top four winners won cash prizes for their schools. First place won $1,250; second place won $1,000; third place won $750, and fourth place won $500. The winning posters will be displayed on the RR Waste Solutions recycling collection trucks that run in Council Bluffs throughout the year. A recycle truck debuted at the Celebrate CB Parade with the four winning posters, and recycle trucks will display the winning posters throughout the year.