1. Animal Control

    Find information about the Animal Control Division; including pet licenses, animal cruelty and dog bite investigations and City animal ordinances.

  2. Building Permits & Inspections

    Find information about the Building Inspections and Rental Housing Division; including permits, new construction and additions to residential, commercial and industrial building inspections and City codes.

  3. City Clerk

    Look here for information about the city Municipal Code, licenses, permits, and more.

  4. Community Development

    Find information about community planning, housing rehab, historical preservation, redevelopment, economic development, and plans on growth.

  5. Engineering

    The Engineering Division is the branch of Public Works that oversees construction activities in the city right of way. This construction can be both city initiated, such as major street and sewer reconstruction projects; or privately initiated, such as gas or telephone company projects.

  6. Finance

    Find information on how to access the City budget, purchasing and the treasury (pet and trade licensing, traffic tickets, sanitation).

  7. Fire Department

    Find information about each fire station, fire education, training and more on the Fire Department.

  8. Human Resources

    Find information on City jobs, labor relations, pay plans, insurance, and job descriptions.

  9. Legal

    Find information on legal matters, Dodge Trust, the Civil Rights Commission, Police Department property release, claims against the city, and investigative file requests.

  10. Library

    Find information about the Public Library.

  11. Parks & Recreation

    Find information about recreation opportunities for youth and adults, locations of parks, sports complex, recreation trails, Dodge Riverside Golf Course and many more activities.

  12. Police Department

    Find information about the Police Department; including how to report a crime, anonymous tips, red light cameras, training, special operations and more.

  13. Public Health

    Find information on the various departments of health, animal control, solid waste, recycling, nursing and the Board of Health.

  14. Public Works

    Find information on building permits, building codes, street maintenance, operations and the special transit bus.

  15. Recycling Center

    Find information about the Council Bluffs Recycling Center; including curbside recycling, drop-off bins, MyWaste App and more.

  16. Rental Housing

    Find information about rental housing registration and fees