The City provides all employees and their dependents with a prescription benefit. There are four 'Tiers' that a prescription may fall under and the co-pay is based on the tier that the drug is assigned to.

4 Tier Prescription Co-pays

Level 1 drug (Generic)
$ 0 co-pay
Level 2
$15 co-pay
Level 3
$30 co-pay
Level 4 (Specialty Drug)
$85 co-pay

To see the descriptions for the drugs that fall under Levels 1, 2, and 3, please refer to the document below.

Wellmark Prescription Description

Several changes were made to our prescription coverage July - August 2015. Please see the links below for an explanation of the changes made:

Wellmark Formulary Changes July 2015

Wellmark Compound Prescription Changes July 2015

Wellmark Utilization Management Changes July 2015

Specialty Drugs

The City offers a prescription benefit for its employees who utilize very expensive 'injectibles'. The plan provides a way to make this expense more manageable for our members.

See below for a document that explains this benefit and a list of drugs considered 'Specialty'.

Wellmark Specialty Drug updates July 2015

Specialty Drug process

Wellmark Specialty Drug list