Skate Park

Broadway Skate Park

The Skate Park is a poured concrete facility with lots of amenities, includng a snake run and 4' bowl, fun box, rail, stairs, and 1/4 pipe. Rollerblades and skateboards welcome (bikes prohibited). Admission is free. Park is open during daylight hours year-round (weather permitting). Proper safety gear is strongly recommended.
This facility is unsupervised. Skate at your own risk. The city cannot be held responsible for injuries resulting from your activities. Skating and skateboarding are inherently risky activities. Your use of this facility may result in serious injury.
•Safety equipment is strongly recommended.
•Use only skates, in-line skates or skateboards.
•No motorized devices, bicycles or scooters of any kind

Park Rules:
•No use of drug, tobacco or alcoholic beverages anywhere in the park
•No fighting, harassing, taunting or threatening behavior
•No waxing, defacing or vandalizing of any of these facilities
•No food or beverages inside the skating area
•No glass containers anywhere in the park
•No chairs, benches, tables or other objects inside the skating area
•Do not loiter on the ramps, pipes or runs.
•Wait your turn. Be courteous and go with the flow.
•No littering. Debris in the park can be hazardous.
•No loud music or other noise

Skate at Your Own Risk!

Skating/skateboarding has resulted in death, brain damage, broken bones and other serious injuries.