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Council Bluffs Parks, Recreation, and Public Property Department is dedicated to the enhancement and promotion of quality of life by satisfying and responding to the needs of the community. We achieve that by providing a learning environment, safe active and passive recreational opportunities for all, stewardship throuh the maintenance and preservation of natural resources, historic sites, and public facilities. We strive to serve the public by making Council Bluffs a better place to live
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The City of Council Bluffs Parks & Recreation Department is planning a controlled burn in a few areas of Fairmount Park this Friday, December 1. This controlled burn with help cut down on overgrown vegetation and evasive species of plants and trees that are not native to this area.

Controlled burning is any fire intentionally ignited to meet specific land management objectives, such as to reduce flammable fuels, restore ecosystem health, recycle nutrients, or prepare an area for new trees or vegetation. Controlled burning is a management tool, that when used under specifically controlled conditions will help land stewards manage forests and rangelands for multiple use.

The Parks & Recreation Department will be working the Pottawattamie County Conservation who has a certified person to do controlled burns. They have also coordinated with the Council Bluffs Fire Department to oversee the burn. By spring the area up at Fairmount Park should be looking clearer, cleaner, and ready for its intended use by residents and wildlife.