How to Apply

Application Process

Announcement of Current Openings

The employment process begins with a recruitment announcement for the job class in which there is a vacancy. These announcements are posted on City bulletin boards, City's website and social media accounts. Announcements contain a basic description of the job, minimum qualifications, the application procedure, and information about the examination process required to qualify for the job. Current openings can be found here

Open and Close Date for Applications

Applications are only accepted during the application period specified in the job posting. Applications submitted prior to the opening date or after the closing date for applying will not be considered.

City Application for Employment Forms

Applications must be made only on forms provided by the city, which are available for download in each job posting on the city website. Instructions for submitting an application will be contained in the job posting as well. A resume may be submitted, but cannot be substituted for the employment application.  

After Submitting an Application

Generally speaking, after submitting a timely application for employment you will be eligible to compete in the established selection procedure. All of the information you need to compete in the examination process is contained in the job posting. Follow the instructions carefully.

Employment Testing

The selection procedure may include a written test, performance or skills tests, structured interview, examination by an oral board, or a combination of these. Successful completion of each step may be required in order to participate in succeeding steps.

Keeping Candidates Informed

During the selection process the city recruiter will correspond with you as needed. To the greatest extent possible this correspondence will be through the email address you provided on the application form. You are responsible for notifying us of any address, email, or phone number changes.

Final Status of Your Application

At the completion of the selection process, you will be notified of your status. The final hiring decision is made by the department head and approved by the mayor.

Civil Service Selection Processes

An eligibility list of the top ranking candidates will be certified by the Civil Service Commission. This list is used to fill vacancies that occur in this classification during the life of the list.