The Council Bluffs Public Health Department conducts investigations on the following topics:

Environmental Diseases

General Nuisances (junk, trash, solid waste, junk vehicles, weeds and other neighborhood problems)

The Council Bluffs Department of Public Health spends a significant percentage of time enforcing the local nuisance codes. Over 12,000 nuisance inspections were performed this past year. The department responds to complaints filed with the city and an officer initiates investigations addressing junk, trash, solid waste, junk vehicles, weeds, and many other neighborhood problems. Inspections are made of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. 

The Public Health Department issues municipal citations, cleans properties, and coordinates with the Police Department to tow vehicles, which are in violation of the city code or present a health or safety hazard. The Public Health Department also works directly with the Police Department (Police Area Representatives) and the rental housing/building inspectors to improve neighborhood conditions and improve properties which have multiple city code violations. 

Citizens are welcome to anonymously call in the location of nuisance problems to the Department of Public Health at (712) 328-4666. 


Council Bluffs Department Public Health Officers are all state certified pest control operators. They investigate rat infestations and cockroach infestations within the city. The city has a rodent baiting program for public properties and Health Officers order and monitor pest extermination activities on private property to ensure that pests with the potential to spread disease are quickly eliminated.